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The Dirty Truth About Coal is a half-hour documentary film about the effects of emissions from coal-fired power plants on public health.

The biological gift our species takes the most for granted is breathing. We do it every second of every day for our entire lives, so we tend to not think about it very much. But, we can’t live without it. We can go for days without eating, and hours without drinking water, but if we stop breathing for just a few minutes, our lives are over.

So, what would happen if our precious air was suddenly compromised? What if instead of breathing clean, fresh air that helps us grow, we breathed soot containing toxic chemicals? Moreover, what if your child contracted asthma in Connecticut from air pollution generated in Illinois, or your grandmother in North Carolina died from a heart attack due to pollution that originated in Tennessee?

The biggest myth about air pollution from coal-fired power plants is that it doesn’t affect people living far away. The idea is that if you can’t see the plant then it’s not hurting you. Yet, this is simply not true.

Pollution from coal-fired power plants in the United States kills hundreds of Americans every year. Statistics suggest that if you’re under the age of 65, you’ve probably never taken a clean breath of air in your life. Are you okay with that…?

It’s time to expose the human cost of the world’s filthiest fuel, to finally learn the dirty truth about coal.

The Dirty Truth About Coal 8-2012 from Alexia Prichard on Vimeo.

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