All films are collaborations. I had the great, great fortune of collaborating on this film with one of the most gifted composers I have ever met, Molly Zenobia.

Molly and I have known each other for 8 years, and she was there when I first developed the idea that would become THE DIRTY TRUTH ABOUT COAL. Before I’d even finished describing the full idea she said: “I want to do the score.”

I gave Molly almost no direction whatsoever. My chief suggestion was “make it your own.” I wanted her to feel the film and draw her own conclusions as to what the “beats” and emotions were. To my great delight, she nailed every single one of them.

In terms of the “melodies,” I’ve always known that Molly has an encyclopedic memory for sounds as well as a shared passion for found sounds, so I asked her to go with that. The score you hear is very close to Molly’s first drafts. Her understanding of my passion for the film, and for the film’s score to really be a character are what set this work apart.

In addition to being a film composer, Molly is also an accomplished singer/songwriter with one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. That’s her singing underneath the Pauline section in the film… I hope you will check out her website and her music.

Thank you!






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